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Other Pollution Prevention Resources

Canadian Resources
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Air & Waste Management Association
Role: provide training, information and networking opportunities
Information: conferences, courses, workshops
Canadian Chemical Producers' Association/Association canadienne des fabricants de produits chimiques 
Role: committed to managing chemicals responsibly
Information: reducing emissions reports, Responsible Care initiatives/reports
Canadian Environment Industry Association / Association des Industries de l'Environnement 
Role: represent interests of 1500 Canadian Environmental companies
Information: searchable database profiling members
CSA International 
Role: standards development, product certification, management systems
Information: product catalogue, ISO documents
GLOBE Foundation 
Role: facilitator of environmental business opportunities
Information: company profile
Lambton Industrial Society 
Role: monitors quality of local air, water and ground water on behalf of members
Information: Annual Progress Review, monographs, newsletter
Pollution Prevention Experts
Role: a searchable database of private sector pollution prevention
(P2) professionals including consultants, business professionals, educators and NGOs

Governments - National

Canadian Government Departments
Role: directory to Canadian Government Departments
Information: links to government websites
Environment Canada's Green Lane/Environnement Canada
Role: provide current data on Canada’s environment
Information: documentation on climate change, air, nature, water and weather

Governments - Provincial/Territorial 

Alberta Environment
British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands & Parks
Manitoba Environment
New Brunswick Department of the Environment
Newfoundland and Labrador: Department of Environment and Labour
Northwest Territories: Department of Resources, Wildlife & Economic Development
Nova Scotia Dept of the Environment: Pollution Prevention
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Prince Edward Island Technology and Environment
Qu?bec Minist?re de l'Environnement et de la Faune
Saskatchewan Environment and Resources Management
Yukon Department of Renewable Resources


Better Environmentally Sound Transportation 
Role: to promote the use of sustainable transportation and appropriate forms of transportation
Information: Alternative Transportation toolkit, papers on transportation planning
Greenpeace Canada 
Role: global environmental problems
Information: current campaigns, publications on environmental problems
Institute For Local Self Reliance
Role: research and educational organization
Information: Carbohydrate Economy Clearinghouse, publications
Ontario Environment Network 
Role: network serving Ontario’s NGO environmental community
Information: contacts
Pembina Institute of Appropriate Development 
Role: research and educational organization
Information: publications on energy/green house gas issues
Pollution Probe 
Role: research and educational organization
Information: reports/fact sheets on: mercury, children’s health, air & water
Sierra Club of Canada 
Role: public policy and environmental awareness
Information: campaigns/events
World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF) 
Role: dedicated to conservation of nature and ecological processes
Information: factsheets on species & conservation issues

United States

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
FedWorld Information Network
Georgia Pollution Prevention Assistance
Illinois Waste Management and Research Center
Michigan DEQ Pollution Prevention
North Carolina Waste Reduction Resource Center
Ohio Office of Pollution Prevention
Western Regional Pollution Prevention Network (P2 West)


Canadian Renewable Fuels Association 
Role: promote biofuels for auto transportation
Information: fact sheets on ethanol and biodiesel production/consumption in Canada
Canadian Sustainable Energy Web Site, The 
Role: information on sustainable energy technologies
Information: links to solar, wind, small hydro, co-generation, biomass
Canadian Wind Energy Association 
Role: represents the Canadian wind energy community
Information: current and potential wind production in Canada
Department of Energy's (DOE's) Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
Role: provides resources for energy efficiency and renewable energy
Information: descriptions and links to DOE’s programs
Natural Resources Canada - Energy and Sustainable Development 
Role: R&D, policy development and programs in energy efficiency, alternatives
Information: publications and links to NRC’s initiatives
Office of Energy Efficiency 
Role: disseminate information on energy efficiency
Information: publications for homeowners, business and governments
Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy Systems in Canada 
Role: to provide information on producing or using energy efficiently
Information: links and contacts for alternative energy technologies
Solar City 
Role: to inform the public about renewable forms of energy
Information: links on solar thermal, solar power, hydrogen, water, wind and biomass
Solstice: Sustainable Energy and Development Online!
Role: library and archives for renewable and sustainable technology
Information: documents and database on renewable energy, energy efficiency

Great Lakes

Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy   
Role: provides up to date details on the progress of the Binational Strategy
Information: workgroup reports, reduction activities
Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN)
Role: disseminate information on the binational Great Lakes region
Information: facts, figures and publications on each Great Lake
Great Lakes Commission
Role: statutory mandate to represent collective views of the 8 Great Lakes States
Information: policy papers and programs
Great Lakes Environmental Education Center  
Role: provide access to Great Lakes educational material
Information: training programs, guides
Great Lakes United (GLU)
Role: an international coalition dedicated to preserving and protecting the Great Lakes-St.Lawrence River ecosystem
Information: publications
Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA)   
Role: Canada and the U.S.’s commitment to the integrity of the Great Lakes Basin
Information: agreement, background
International Joint Commission (IJC)  
Role: assists Canadian and U.S. agreements in managing lakes and river systems along the border
Information: Air Quality Agreement, Boundary Waters Treaty, reports
Our Great Lakes  (formerly the Great Lakes Information Management Resource) 
Role: guide to Environment Canada’s Great Lakes programs and publications
Information: publications
State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC)   
Role: information exchange on the ecological condition of the Great Lakes
Information: State of the Great Lakes Report



Aboriginal Environmental Enterprises 
Role: profiles of aboriginal environmental businesses
American Indian Environmental Office - U.S. EPA
Role: to assist tribes in administering their own environmental program
Information: tribal programs, publications
Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources  
Role: provides educational, research and technical assistance to
First Nations people facing environmental issues
Information: library provides useful internet links
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada  
Role: strengthening Canada’s relationship with Aboriginal peoples
Information: sustainable development reports
Tribal Solid Waste Management Program - U.S. EPA
Role: what the EPA will undertake to implement waste programs on tribal lands
Information: guides on waste: municipal, hazardous, construction/demolition, mining etc.


Laboratory Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention
Role: a guide for teachers
Information: guidebook
National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education
Role: develops P2 educational materials for university instructional faculty
Information: teaching and research materials
U.S. EPA Environmental Education Center
Role: provides resources to assist teaching students about the environment
Information: collection of fact sheets, brochures and web pages


Canadian Environmental Auditing Association (CEAA) 
Role: to further the development of the professional practice of environmental auditing
Information: certification programs
Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA)  
Role: represents a membership of over 60 000 professional accountants
Information: services, policies, news, Environmental accounting information
U.S. EPA'S Environmental Accounting Project
Role: to integrate environmental costs into decision making
Information: publications and case studies


Agricultural Groups Concerned about Resources and the Environment (AGCare) 
Role: funded by all major Ontario farm organizations involved in crop production
Information: pesticide use, Environmental Farm Plans
Canada-Ontario Agriculture Green Plan  
Role: committed to environmental sustainability of the agri-food sector
Information: Best Management Practices, Environmental Farm Plans
Ecological Agriculture Projects 
Role: disseminating information on environmentally sustainable food systems
Information: publications
Farm*A*Syst/Home*A*Syst Home Page
Role: provides tools to manage and avoid environmental problems
Information: on-line voluntary assessments to prevent pollution
National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center
Role: outreach tool of the U.S. EPA
Information: laws, regulations, policies and publications
New Uses Council
Role: promote new industrial, energy, and non-food consumer uses of renewable agricultural, forestry and livestock products
Information: reports, Bio Products directory


C.A.N. DO Online 
Role: provide citizens with options to improve air quality
Information: home audit, fact sheets
Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) 
Role: advocates the need to reduce air pollution from the electricity sector
Information: publications on emissions policies
Ozone Action
Role: voluntary emissions reduction initiative
Information: fact sheets on how to reduce emissions
Pilot Emission Reduction Trading Project (PERT)  
Role: design, development and implementation of an emissions trading system
Information: projects, registry, program information
Pollution Probe - Air Programme 
Role: to provide solutions through research, education and outreach
Information: reducing smog, Ontario’s smog plan
Smog / Air Quality - Issues and Topics  
Role: Environment Canada publications on smog and air quality issues


Canadian Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association (APMA)
Role: represents Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) producers of parts, equipment, tools, supplies and services for the auto industry
Information: news, links and contacts
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Information: P2 case studies, U.S. Automotive Pollution Prevention Project Report
U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Alternative Fuels Data Center
Role: disseminating information on Alternative Fuels
Information: fact sheets on fuels/cars, DOE program information