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American Environmental Health - Non-profit organization furthering the practice of environmental medicine. With educational and product information.

Environmental Health Perspectives - EHPnet publications relating to scientific and social environmental health issues.

Environmental Problems - New York University Medical Center index to resources on environmentally-related medical problems.

Agency for Toxic Substances - Searchable environmental health index of toxic substance and disease information.

CHGE - Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Med. School looks at potential human health consequences of global environmental change.

National Toxicology Program - Division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Bio Community Health168C - General information on health-related environmental topics such as tobacco, asbestos, isocyanides, and keyboard injuries.

WHO - UN's World Health Organization provides reports and updates on global problems such as population, reproduction, and environmental health.

MIT Environmental Health Sciences - Resource center incorporating information from study areas relevant to environmental health, including air, water, and toxicology programs.