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Resources for The Chemically Ill, Sensitive and Injured.

MCS-Survivors - resource for people with multiple chemical sensitivity.

Nature's Home Resource Guide - various online resources concerned with chemical sensitivity, environmental illness, toxin free building materials, and other information sources.

North Carolina Chemical Injury Network

Report from the American Academy of Family Physicians

Safety and Health Topics: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) is a highly controversial issue. In theory, MCS is an adverse physical reaction to low levels of many common chemicals

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Syndrome (MCSS) - NIEHS
Answers to some common environmental questions from NIEHS, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, which conducts basic research on

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Your questions answered about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Information for sufferers and for people who suspect they may be