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We mail our directories to thousands of designated recipients within the environmental industry - hazardous waste generators, medical facilities, industry service providers and consultants, industry suppliers and manufacturers, emergency service personnel and government regulatory agencies.  In addition, thousands of directories are distributed by inspectors and other employees at local regulatory offices, and as requested every day through our web site.  As an example, listed below are the description and quantity of each business type on our directory mailing list for the 2003 Florida edition.  Do you have special customers you want to make sure are on our list?  Just let us know and we'll check into it and will be glad to add them if needed.  Just call us toll-free at (800) 451-1458, or contact us.

Absorbent Disposal2
Absorbent Products & Supplies19
Adhesives & Glues-Mfrs11
Adhesives & Sealants-Mfrs17
Air & Gas Compressors-Mfrs11
Air Cleaning & Purifying Services67
Air Cleaning & Purifying Supplies, Equip & Sys170
Air Pollution Control Services24
Air Pollution Control Supplies, Equipment & Systems22
Air Pollution Measuring Equipment & Services5
Alkalies & Chlorine-Mfrs8
Anodes -Wholesale1
Asbestos & Asbestos Products-Mfrs4
Asbestos Abatement & Engineering Controls1
Asbestos Consultants, Inspections & Removal Svcs89
Asbestos Removal Equipment & Supplies2
Asbestos Removal Services77
Attorneys - Environmental65
Automobile Body-Repairing & Painting812
Barrel-Mfrs Equip/Supls-Mfrs1
Barrels & Drums - Plastic15
Barrels & Drums - Steel3
Barrels & Drums20
Batteries-Dry Cell-Mfrs1
Batteries-Dry Cell-Wholesale30
Battery Repairing & Rebuilding (Whol)3
Biological Products-Mfrs14
Biological Safety Cabinet Certification1
Biologists-Analytical & Consulting2
Bioremediation Services6
Brownfield Services - Development & Clean-Up1
Builders-Construction Control Service3
Building Construction-Consultants52
Cadd Services35
Calcium Carbonate-Mfrs7
Carbon & Graphite Products-Mfrs2
Carbon Monoxide Testing1
Cathodic Protection Services1
Centrifuge, Separators & Clarifiers8
Chemical & Fertilizer Mining Nec1
Chemical Cleaning44
Chemical Plant Equipment & Supplies6
Chemicals - -Mfrs & Distributors405
Chemicals - Reclaiming1
Chemicals - Retail52
Chemicals - Storage And Handling1
Chemists - Analytical & Consulting10
Chemists - Forensic1
Chemists - Manufacturing3
Chlorine -Wholesale15
Chromium -Wholesale2
Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-Mfrs83
Circuit Boards-Mfrs26
City Government-Environmental Programs59
Cleaning Compounds-Mfrs40
Cleaning Systems-Pressure Chemical-Mfrs16
Composting Systems8
Construction Clean-Up Contractors131
Construction Consultants1
Containment - Portable - Rentals1
Copper Foundries7
Corrosion Protection9
County Government-Conservation Depts5
County Government-Environmental Programs87
Crude Petroleum Pipelines2
Demolition & Dismantlement Consultants & Services123
Drilling & Boring Contractors137
Drilling & Boring Equipment & Supplies14
Dust Collection Systems12
Dust Control Materials6
Dyes & Dyestuffs-Mfrs2
Earthquake Products & Services1
Electrical Contractors - Fuel Storage Facilities1
Endangered Plant & Animal Species Surveys1
Energy Conservation Prods-Mfrs4
Energy Conservation Products, Supplies & Services115
Energy Management & Conservation Consultants124
Energy Systems-Mfrs5
Engineers - Chemical7
Engineers - Corrosion8
Engineers - Drainage - Stormwater Management22
Engineers - Energy3
Engineers - Environmental833
Engineers - Geological1
Engineers - Geotechnical Soils130
Engineers - Hazardous Waste1
Engineers - Industrial14
Engineers - Land Planning & Development4
Engineers - Marine49
Engineers - Mining3
Engineers - Petroleum5
Engineers - Safety2
Engineers - Sanitary10
Engineers - Waste Water Treatment20
Engineers - Water Supply2
Environmental & Ecological Consultants248
Environmental & Ecological Organizations186
Environmental & Ecological Products & Supplies48
Environmental & Ecological Services994
Environmental Clothing & Accessories1
Environmental Equipment Rental3
Environmental Health & Safety1
Environmental Information, Reports & Mapping4
Environmental Safe Products3
Environmental Software2
Environmental Testing & Monitoring Equipment1
Environmental Testing & Monitoring Services2
Erosion Control Services37
Expert Witness & Case Review Services2
Federal Government-Conservation Depts69
Federal Govt-Environmental Programs1
Film Scrap3
Filtering Materials21
Fire Departments1303
Fire Protection Equipment & Supls-Mfrs17
Fluid Power Cylinders & Actuators-Mfrs9
Fluid Power Pumps & Motors-Mfrs4
Fluid Power Valves/Hose Fittings-Mfrs8
Foundries-Aluminum Brass Bronze & Etc48
Foundries-Malleable Iron2
Gas - Calibration Standards1
Gas Producers3
Gas-Ind & Medical-Cylinder & Bulk-Mfrs53
Geoprobe Services1
Ground Penetrating Radar1
Groundwater Sampling Equipment1
Hazardous Materials - Transporting1
Hazardous Materials & Waste Services24
Hazardous Waste Trtmnt,Storage & Disp. Facility1
Industrial Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems2
Industrial Consultants16
Industrial Gases1
Industrial Hygiene Consultant Services15
Industrial Measuring/Cntrl Instr-Mfrs5
Inks-Mfrs Materials -Wholesale6
Inks-Printing & Lithographing-Mfrs14
Insurance - Environmental5
Laboratories - Analytical6
Laboratories - Equip & Supls - Whlsl & Mfrs33
Laboratories - Equipment & Supplies130
Laboratories - Research & Development150
Laboratories - Testing - Air Analysis9
Laboratories - Testing - Water13
Laboratories - Testing216
Laboratories - Testing Services - Onsite85
Lake, Beach & Pond Construction & Maintenance15
Land Clearing & Leveling67
Land Planning, Design & Landscape Design Services2
Landfills & Transfer Sites62
Lead & Lead Paint Testing & Removal Services21
Lead & Lead Products5
Leak & Pipe Detection Services57
Leak Detection Instruments & Equipment2
Leather-Tanning & Finishing-Mfrs2
Libraries - Public552
Lubricants -Wholesale31
Lubricating Devices & Systems-Mfrs10
Lubricating Oils & Greases-Mfrs23
Manhole Products3
Marine Consultants1
Marine Contractors176
Marine Resource Consultants11
Marine Vessel Management12
Mineral Spirits-Mfrs2
Mold & Mildew - Testing & Removal Services7
Nuclear Energy Consultants1
Occupational Health & Safety Services7
Odor Control Systems14
Oil & Gas Consulting Services10
Oil & Gas Exploration & Development Services33
Oil & Gas Producers6
Oil Burners & Heaters9
Oil Field Consultants & Services15
Oil Field Equipment & Supplies7
Oil Filter Disposal1
Oil Inspectors2
Oil Land Leases1
Oil Marketers & Distributors15
Oil Operators1
Oil Products -Wholesale2
Oil Properties3
Oil Refiners-Mfrs4
Oil Spill Clean-Up Contractors & Services56
Oil Storage1
Oil Well Drilling Mud & Additives1
Oil Well Drilling Services 3
Oil Well Equipment & Supplies2
Oil Well Logging & Perforating Equipment & Services10
Oil Well Logging/Perforating Eqpt-Mfrs12
Paint - Mfg Materials6
Paint Removing12
Paint Varnish & Allied Products-Mfrs53
Pesticides & Ag Chemicals Nec-Mfrs30
Petroleum Bulk Stations & Terminals5
Petroleum Equipment-Mfrs6
Petroleum Products-Mfrs34
Phosphatic Fertilizers-Mfrs14
Plastics - Scrap9
Power Plant Consultants & Services4
Power Plant Equipment Sales And Repair8
Printing Ink-Mfrs9
Publications - Environmental1
Pulp & Pulp Products-Mfrs12
Radioactivity Instruments, Supplies & Services8
Radon Detection & Removal Services73
Recycling Centers & Services403
Recycling Consultant Services1
Recycling Equipment & Supplies34
Refrigerant Recovery 4
Remediation Equipment - -Mfrs1
Remediation Services6
Road Oiling38
Safety Consultants147
Safety Equipment & Clothing282
Sanitation Consultants3
Scientific Apparatus & Equipment35
Scientists - Consulting33
Scrap Metals198
Sea Grass Restoration Services1
Service Station Builders2
Service Station Equipment, Supplies & Services181
Sewage Disposal Systems452
Ship Yards5
Smelters & Refiners-Precious Metals7
Smoke Stacks-Mfrs8
Soil & Groundwater Treatment Systems1
Solar Energy Equip & Systems - Dealers3
Solar Energy Equip & Systems - Mfg & Whlsl36
Solar Energy Equip & Systems - Service & Repairs141
Solar Energy Equipt & Systems - Supplies & Parts88
Solar Energy Research & Development2
Sound Level Testing - Industrial7
Spill Clean-Up - Equipment & Supplies1
State Government-Conservation Depts24
State Government-Environmental Programs40
Steel Mills7
Stormwater Drainage Filter Systems1
Tanks - Abandonment Services2
Tanks - Above Ground3
Tanks - Cleaning & Draining Services36
Tanks - Degassing Chemicals1
Tanks - Fiberglass & Plastic33
Tanks - Installation & Removal Services28
Tanks - Lining & Coating Services3
Tanks - Maintenance & Repair10
Tanks - -Mfrs & Wholesale14
Tanks - Metal40
Tanks - Rental1
Tanks - Testing & Inspection Services7
Terminal & Service Facilities1
Terminals-River & Marine4
Testing Apparatus Sales & Service65
Textile Mills29
Training - Environmental Education & Facility Compliance5
Trenching Services17
Waste Containers-Mfrs7
Waste Disposal3
Waste Disposal - Hazardous24
Waste Disposal - Lab Packing Services1
Waste Disposal - Medical & Infectious15
Waste Disposal - Non-Hazardous1
Waste Disposal - Oil38
Waste Disposal - Paper19
Waste Disposal - Reduction & Recycling Equipment27
Waste Disposal - Reduction & Recycling Services106
Waste Disposal - Tires1
Water & Sewage Companies-Utility306
Water Analysis9
Water Filtration & Purification Equipment144
Water Pollution Control - Equipment, Systems & Supplies30
Water Purification Chemicals15
Water Purification Consulting Services3
Water Reduction, Disposal & Recycling Equipment1
Water Treatment Equipment, Service & Supplies165
Water Waste Management22
Water Wastewater - Backflow Parts & Accessories30
Water Wastewater - Pond & Tank Liners4
Water Wastewater - Pump Sales & Service98
Water Wastewater - Treatment - Design & Systems12
Water Wastewater - Treatment - Equipment & Sales35
Water Wastewater - Treatment - Services18
Water Well & Drilling Services51
Water Well Drilling Equipment & Supplies37
Water Works Contractors And Equipment37
Web & Wireless Process Digitization1
Well Drilling Services27
Well Testing2
Well-Point & Dewatering Systems, Equip & Svcs1
Wetland Delineation Services1
Wetland Permitting Services1
Wetlands Consultants1