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Sustainability Organizations
Sustainable Community Programs

Planet Drum Foundation - founded in 1973 to provide an effective grassroots approach to ecology that emphasizes sustainability, community self-determination, and regional self-reliance.

1000 Friends of New Mexico - conducts research, education, and advocacy programs on growth management.

Arctic Council - high level intergovernmental forum that provides a mechanism to address the common concerns and challenges faced by Arctic governments and people.

Association of Volunteers in Research and Environmental Development - Costa Rica - non-governmental, non-profit organization that develops activities and projects to encourage environmentally beneficent sustainability.

Austin Sustainable Building Coalition - network of individuals interested in sustainable and ecological building, design, and development.

Bioneers Conference - yearly conference on practical solutions for restoring the Earth.

Collective Heritage Institute - conducts education and research in the areas of biodiversity, ecological farming practices, and environmental restoration.

Border Information & Solutions Network - dedicated to promoting sustainable development of the US/Mexico border by enhancing collaboration and communication through the Internet.

Both ENDS (Environment and Development Service for NGOs) - contributes to responsible management of nature and the natural environment by strengthening fellow NGOs and community groups working on these issues, especially in developing countries.

CEDARE - Centre for Environment and Development for Arab Region & Europe, a not-for-profit organization working towards sustainable development in the Arab region and Mediterranean Europe.

Center for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment - CESSE; (available in French).

Center for Land Use Interpretation - dedicated to the increase and diffusion of information about how the world's lands are apportioned, utilized, and perceived.

Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems - non-profit education, demonstration, and research organization involved in application of appropriate technologies and sustainable design practices.

Center for Neighborhood Technology - helping build prosperous, sustainable communities by linking economic and community development with ecological improvement.

Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development - provides information to communities on sustainable development techniques that enhance the local economy, the environment, and quality of life.

Centre for Science and Environment - CSE is a public interest research and advocacy organisation which promotes environmentally-sound development strategies.

Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE ) - an exploration of rural development and conservation in Africa. It seeks to restructure the control of Zimbabwe's countryside, giving people alternative ways of using their natural resources.

Dream Change Coalition - grass roots movement applying indigenous wisdom for environmental and social balance offers shamanic trips and workshops.

Earth Charter Campaign, The - drafting a statement of ethical principles to guide the conduct of people and nations towards each other and the Earth to ensure a sustainable future.

Earth Pledge Foundation - a non-profit organization promoting Sustainable Development

Earth Summit Watch - a unique citizens' initiative to monitor and encourage actions by each national government to implement the promises made in Rio and thereafter to move toward sustainable development.

EcoDesign Foundation (EDF) - EDF is a consulting education and research institute that exists to support and accelerate the development of sustainable cultures and economies by rethinking design.

Ecooperation - coordinates the implementation of the sustainable development agreements between the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Bhutan, and Benin.

EcoRoute de l'information - a forum for sustainable development. Un salon permanent de l'environnement et du developpement durable.

Ecotopia Project, The - non-profit, ecological restoration organization with a mission to help urban neighborhoods transition into "ecological places."

Ecotourism Society's Ecotourism Explorer - including a provocative collection of vital facts, but also some nuggets of personal wisdom, that real-time explorers in this field have acquired.

Ecotrust Canada - private, non-profit organization developing creative and innovative approaches to conservation-based development in the coastal temperate rain forests of British Columbia.

El Porvenir - dedicated to sustainable development in Nicaragua, particularly aiding communities with water and sanitation needs: village wells, latrines, and reforestation.

Environmental Resources Trust (ERT) - helps to create markets for environmental resources regionally, nationally, and globally through value-added and environmentally beneficial transactions.

Estonian Sustainable Development Network - searchable collection of publications, events, projects and links related to sustainable development in Estonia and around the world. (In Estonian and English.)

Foundation for Business and Sustainable Development - read and take an exam about sustainable development in the Sustainable Business Challenge.

Foundation for Sustainable Development - dedicated to the support of sustainable development initiatives in the developing world, working to develop communities, environments, and economic opportunities in Latin America.

Future Generations - international non-governmental organization working for an environmentally sustainable future, particularly in Asia.

Global Green USA - works in cooperation with individuals, industry, and government to create a global value shift toward a sustainable future. American affiliate of Green Cross International.

Global Nirmithi Net - working to develop sustainable human settlements that are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Global System for Sustainable Development - knowledge networking system designed to provide efficient access to quality controlled and cross-referenced URL's related to sustainable development, aimed at policy makers and others.

Great Plains International Data Network - exploring ways of advancing sustainable development within the Great Plains region.

Green Building Information Council - works to advance the energy and environmental performance of buildings through the creation, exchange and application of appropriate and timely information.

Green Cross International - Working on sustainable development. Active in 20 countries. Our President is the Hon Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev.

Green Institute - nonprofit economic development organization focused on sustainable enterprise in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Green Power Hong Kong - site contains hundreds of articles on local/global green policies and campaigns. Introduces China projects.

Greenstar: Solar Community and Telecommunications Center - non-profit bringing solar power, telemedicine, distance learning, electronic commerce, and support services to developing countries, and all places where a centralized electrical power grid is not available.

Growth Management Institute (GMI) - goal is to educate and inform the public on responsible land use and related issues including sustainable urban development and redevelopment.

Imagine the Future and the Ecoversity - developed to explore and exchange ideas from which we'll build sustainable societies.

Inform, Inc. - identifies practical ways of living and doing business that are environmentally sustainable. Programs in sustainable products and practices, chemical hazards prevention, and sustainable transportation.

Institute for Development Anthropology (IDA) - non-profit, non-governmental organization with a mission to promote environmentally sustainable development.

Institute for Ecological Health - addressing major land issues, with a focus on Central California.

Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) - nonprofit research and educational organization that provides technical assistance and information on environmentally sound economic development strategies.

Institute for Policy Studies - Green Policy Network (GPN) - provides resources for local elected officials, scholars, and activists on economic and environmental policies to help make their communities more self-reliant and sustainable.

Institute of Youth for Sustainable Development (INJUDESO) - non-profit youth organization focusing on sustainable development in Costa Rica. In Spanish and English.

International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development - news, publications, information, calendars and links related to international trade, environment and sustainable development.

International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC) - non-profit organization, with offices on four continents, seeking to accelerate the global adoption of energy-efficiency in order to enable economically and ecologically sustainable development.

International Institute for Environment and Development - promotes sustainable patterns of world development through collaborative research, policy studies, consensus building and public information.

International Institute for the Urban Environment - provides overview and methodology of ongoing projects in EU cities.

International Network for Environmental Management - world federation of national associations for environmental management and sustainable development. Help companies improve their environmental and economic performance.

International Scientific Council for Island Development - to contribute to the economic, social and cultural progress of islands throughout the world.

Lake Peipsi Project - promotes sustainable development in the trans-boundary region of Estonia and Russia: the Lake Peipsi watershed.

Land Use Forum Network (LUFNET) - non-profit charity that helps citizens groups with unwanted proposed land developments and revitalization.

Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) India - run by CREED (Centre for Research on Environment, Ecology and Development) and covering sustainable development issues.

Little Colorado River Resource Conservation & Development - working for sustainable natural resource conservation and rural community development in northern Arizona.

Maui Tomorrow - grassroots initiative to protect Maui's rural lifestyle, open spaces, and natural resources; promote managed growth; and encourage citizen participation in the planning process.

Millennium Institute - provides news on the State of the World, tools for achieving environmentally sustainable development, and ideas for celebrating the new millennium in constructive ways.

Myrada - non-governmental organization assisting in the promotion of sustainable development initiatives in Southern India.

National Councils for Sustainable Development - mechanisms that bring together national governments with civil society organizations to further the implementation of sustainable development as expressed in Agenda 21.

Natural Step, The - Australia - offers a scientifically based model that provides a framework for implementing sustainability to any scale of organization.

Natural Step, The - U.S. - offers a framework based on science that serves as a compass for businesses, communities, government entities and individuals to make their activities more sustainable.

Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development

Nepal Forward Foundation - supports sustainable development, environmental health and human rights in Nepal.

Nine Mile Run Project - working to create a transferable, inter-disciplinary process model for use in transforming urban Brownfield sites into a sustainable environment.

Northwest Center for Sustainable Resources (NCSR) - collaborative effort to enhance natural resources programs for the nation's community colleges.

Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development - activities include project work in agriculture, health and social development, compiling information on development issues, and providing emergency aid.

Oikos - International Student Organization for Sustainable Economics and Management - seeks to strengthen sustainability-oriented knowledge and entrepreneurship among students of business and of economics.

Ontario Round Table on Environment and Economy - developing a framework, outreach and research programs for sustainable development. Offers methods that communities can use to pursue the goal of sustainability.

Organization for Cooperation in Overseas Development (OCOD) - sends volunteers to the eastern Caribbean to aide the governmental ministries and NGOs.

Panos - works internationally, in partnership with others, to bring about change to more sustainable patterns of development.

Pax World Service - initiates and supports programs that encourage peacemaking, citizen diplomacy and sustainable development.

Plants for a Future - collection of leaflets about edible and other useful plants, including plants for lighting, fiber, soaps, oils, and information on perm culture and perennial plants.

President's Council on Sustainable Development - advises the President on sustainable development and develops bold, new approaches to achieve our economic, environmental, and equity goals.

Resource Renewal Institute - supports ideas, individuals and new institutions that further the principles of sustainable natural resource management.

Rocky Mountain Institute - to foster the efficient and sustainable use of resources as a path to global security.

SERI - Sustainable Europe Research Institute

Stewardship Community, The - features natural homebuilding, rare breeds, environmental conservation and more.

Sustainable Calgary - promoting and supporting community-level actions and initiatives that move Calgary towards a sustainable future.

Sustainable Communities Information

Sustainable Communities Network - links citizens to the resources they need to implement innovative processes/programs to restore economic, environmental, and social health and vitality to their communities.

Sustainable Consumption and Trade Initiative - practical ways of making international trade and global consumption serve the goals of sustainable development.

Sustainable Development Department - FAO - information on environment and sustainable development; biodiversity, natural resources management, gender, population, land tenure and energy.

Sustainable Economic & Educational Development Society (SEEDS) - promotes educational and economic progress and development for people in Orissa, India and the developing world in general.

Sustainable Energy and Economy Network - works in partnership with citizens groups globally on environment and development issues with a particular focus on climate change, energy, gender equity, and economic issues.

Sustainable Evansville - promoting environmentally sustainable economic development for the Evansville area.

Sustainable San Francisco - includes the Sustainability Plan for the City and County of San Francisco.

Sustainable USA Network - dedicated to providing access to the sustainability news, best practices and potential partners.

TransAct - Transportation Action Network - progressive transportation policy focusing on communities, land use, environment, air quality, public involvement, sustainability, and planning; maintained by STPP.

UK Centre for Economic and Environmental Development - independent charitable foundation focusing on sustainable business, marine environment, information and communication technologies.

Union Pour le D?veloppement Durable - Union for Sustainable Development. In English and French.

United Nations Sustainable Cities Programme - facility for the development of a sustainable urban environment, founded on broad-based public participation.

Urban Ecology - non-profit with several projects related to eco-city development and design.

Urban Ecology Australia (UEA) - non profit community group committed to the evolution of socially vital, economically viable and ecologically sustaining human settlements.

Urban Habitat Program (UHP) - cultivating multicultural urban environmental leadership to create socially just and ecologically sustainable communities.

Urban Options - offers guidance and services for managing homes and yards in more energy efficient, ecologically sound, and healthy ways.

US Green Building Council - non-profit consensus coalition promoting the understanding, development, and accelerated implementation of green buildings

VirtualPresidio - helps businesses, citizen organizations, and governments to promote a new vision of worldwide economic prosperity, incorporating environmental stewardship.